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Unlimited monitoring during beta and free $100 credit when it ends

During our time of testing you'll have unlimited monitoring on everything. Once the testing period ends, we will give you $100 free credit to keep you going.

Being beta doesn’t mean that we haven't tested it and we want you to be our testers. What it does mean is there are a lot more features that we are going to add before we consider it “fully ready”. Think of it as having access to Veloopti before we release it. We are upgrading Veloopti regularly with these features meaning beta won’t last long, so don’t wait.

Take advantage of it before it ends.

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  • For everyone

    Veloopti has enteprise features to satisfy large organisations, yet remains easy-to-use for anyone looking at monitoring for the first time.

  • Free forever

    The free server plan let’s you keep using Veloopti for as long as you like. Move a server at any time to this plan to help keep your costs down.

  • Enterprise grade

    We've got all the advanced enterprise features you could want including: multi-tenancy, customisable role based permissions; group policy deployment; audit logging and more!

  • Monitor anything

    With our twelve monitoring policies all configured using the GUI you can build and deploy most any type of monitoring that you need.

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Veloopti UI

Why Veloopti?

Veloopti is an easy-to-use application and server monitoring SaaS solution that takes the software installation and maintenance burden from you. Start using it straight away as there's nothing to wait for. Invite others to view the status of your applications and servers or to help you to implement monitoring. And with a free plan you can use it for as long as you like. We are sure you are going to love using Veloopti.

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Prevent downtime

With twelve different monitoring policy types you can detect all types of things, preventing issues before they occur. Use the dashboards to see how your applications and servers are performing while automatically notifying yourself if a threshold is being breached. Also detect and be notified of event storms before they impact your business.

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Veloopti UI

Easily resolve issues

Create actions that can be used to diagnose or fix issues in your IT environment. Let Veloopti respond to an event with your fix, or you can manually initiate it later on. In fact you can create a library of fixes for use by your support staff.

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